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"Settings" to choose the language (Chinese/English), browse various assistance documents, and contact us to tell us your thoughts or comments.

"Home" displays the latest content, you are welcome to experience various AR effects at any time.

"Scan" the Fatca QR Code to directly launch and experience AR content.

"My AR" displays AR content that has been downloaded and viewed, which you can review at any time here.

AR content description and basic information

Basic information about this AR content, including preview image, content provider information and download size, etc.

Clicking "Play Now" will start downloading the required data. After the download is complete, it will directly enter the AR view.

The downloaded data will be stored on the client device, and can be started directly without downloading it again when opened next time.

我的 AR
Manage downloaded AR content

Users can go to "My AR" to review the downloaded content at any time.

Pressing "Del" will delete the downloaded data, and you will need to download it again when start it next time.

Plane Detection
Let the application detect planes automatically

Some content needs to detect the plane of the real world to place AR objects, please face the camera to a flat place and move slowly until the plane is successfully detected.

The plane detection time is about several seconds to more than ten seconds, depending on the environment and the model of the mobile phone or tablet.

Please use it in an environment with sufficient light source, try different angles or move far and near, which will help to detect the plane successfully.

Interactive AR
AR 互動
AR 互動
Discover more different AR interactions

Different AR content will operate in different ways, try to interact with the AR content according to the instructions in the display.

Take pictures of interesting content to share with others and to discover more possibilities.